All great athletes who have shaped generations and redefined our idea of what is possible have one thing in common—

an " invisible team. "

All moments of glory—wins, podiums, trophies, accolades, records— are supported by a group of people often forgotten by the world. Their names are not mentioned, and their pictures are not taken. Parents, siblings, coaches, teammates, and technicians are the "invisible" force behind every great success story.

Our mission is to take Australian Mountain Biking Riders to World Cup podium domination.

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Invisible Team.

We believe that athletes will go beyond what they believe to be possible with the right platform and support. 

We trust in the power of communities working together, continuously striving towards a single goal. We are here to make the right tools, people and environments accessible to every young athlete who dreams to be on a World Cup podium. We do this by harnessing the power of communities that are working together to achieve the same goal. 

Our Team

Meet the team shaping your journey 

James Clare

Head of Sports Nutrition & Athletic Performance 

Jack Druery

Athletic & Race Performance Coach

Matt Wilkins

Mountain Bike High Performance Expert